Irene Andessner. "…Look at me!”


Irene Andessner. "…Look at me!”






































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here he comes! here he comes! here he comes! here he comes! here he comes! 













































































Judith Samen. Concerning Death.














Irene Andessner, José Medina Galeote, Iván Pérez and Matías Sánchez have been chosen to participate in the "XII Bienal de Artes Plásticas Ciudad de Pamplona".

The artists' works will be exhibited at the Sala Conde Rodezno, Pamplona City Hall, from the 15th October to the 8th December.


Iván Pérez. Artists in Residence Madrid - Berlin.

Universität der Künste Berlin. The Fine Arts University old library. Berlin, Germany.

08.10.2010 - 10.10.2010.



Irene Andessner. I.M. Dietrich.

Landes Museum, Sankt Pölten, Austria. Video-projection.

24.09.2010 at 18.30.

I.M.Dietrich — Landesmuseum Niederösterreich


Irene Andessner. Art Protectors.

History Museum of Vienna, Austria.

Performance held on the 09.08.2010.


Judith Samen. Visiting Relatives.

Museum for Contemporary Art Siegen, Germany.

24.08.2010 - 05.12.2010.


Carlos Schwartz. Línea de luz.

Intervention in the "Condes de Fuensalida" Chapel. Patio Herreriano. Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art, Valladolid, Spain.

Opening: 17.06.2010


Warshow, by Iván Pérez, has been selected by Madrid Procesos 10.